Horizontal Machining Center – HMC Series תוצרת Fives G&L

Horizontal Machining Center – HMC Series תוצרת Fives G&L
Horizontal Machining Center – HMC Series תוצרת Fives G&L

מרכז עיבוד הוריזונטלי, 4-5 צירים, מסוג Series HMC תוצרת Fives Gidding & Lewis

Four and five axis horizontal machining centers

Designed with extensive Six Sigma “Voice of the Customer” input, the HMC 1250 and HMC 1600 meet the needs of today’s manufacturers with speed, rigidity, capacity and versatility.

HMC Series advantages

  • High performance drive and way system provides both superior stiffness and allows fast traverse, 35 to 40 m/min.
  • Large capacity with 2400 and 3000 mm work zone swing.
  • Productive standard features include: linear scales, high-pressure coolant through the spindle and 4th axis contouring rotary tables.


Machine specificationsHMC 1250HMC 1600
X-axis travel (mm)21002700
Optional X-axis travel (mm)27003300
Y-axis travel (mm)15001800
Optional Y-axis travel (mm)18002100
Maximum work zone swing (mm)24003000
Maximum work zone height (mm)17502050
Feeds / rapid traverse (m/min)4035
Pallet size (mm)1250 x 12501250 x 1600
Optional pallets (mm) 1600 x 1600
  1600 x 2000
Allowable load (kg)5,0007,000
Optional load capacity (kg) 15,000*
Number of positions360360
* Optional load capacity available on 1600 x 2000 mm pallet only


Applications and operations

The rigidity of Giddings & Lewis horizontal machining centers makes it possible to take heavy cuts. 
Giddings & Lewis HMCs offer a live spindle option. 
High torque spindles combined with the machine rigidity easily machines hard metals such as titanium and Inconel.
View the application report to see how a job shop improved part quality with the precision of the Giddings & Lewis HMC Series.

Available options:

Several headstocks available including: live spindle, tilt spindle, high torque and high speed.
Contouring heads and programmable boring bars (available on live spindle models only).
Large capacity tool magazines.
Tool and part probes.
Controls – Siemens or Fanuc.
Coolant systems.
Multiple pallet systems.

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