Cincinnati Charger Tape Layer System

Cincinnati CHARGER Tape Layer System Automated Composites Processing תוצרת Fives Cincinnati
Cincinnati CHARGER Tape Layer System Automated Composites Processing תוצרת Fives Cincinnati

מכונת ליווח חומרים מרוכבים מסוג CTL תוצרת חברת Fives Cincinnati Charger תוצרת five

Cincinnati Charger Tape Layer Systems automated Composites Processing

The Cincinnati ChargerSeries includes both contour and flat tape layers available in high rail, low rail and bed type configurations to meet production and facility requirements. 

CHARGER Tape Layers achieve up to 25 degree contours and up to 60 m/min (2,362 ipm) lay-up rate. The machine features Fives newest generation tape head which is the market’s most productive and accurate at compacting layers of carbon/epoxy tape.

  • Choice of vertical travel
  • X-axis rails in incremental sections for flexibility in part length
  • Nine and ten axis machine
  • Machine height configured for specific applications
  • High speed axis motion for high productivity
  • Choice of crossrail width


Charger Tape Layers

Cincinnati CHARGER Tape Layers achieve high-speed, precision lay-up that helps accelerate work flow to shorten buildschedules and reduce work-in-process costs. Fives has more than 30years of experience in manufacturing automated tape layingequipment and the CHARGER Tape Layers utilize proven machinecomponents combined with patented features designed specifically toimproveoverall performance while maintaining superiorreliability.

CHARGER tape layers are excellent for high productivity lay-upof large laminates of variable thicknesses that are then cut intosmaller pieces. The material then can be press or drape-formed.These machines feature programmable compaction force andoptional vacuum lay-up/cutting tables and ultrasonic laminatecutting enabling superior quality andperformance.


Small Flat Tape Layer (SFTL)

The Cincinnati SFTL is designed and built to migrateproven modules and technologies from our larger composites products to an affordable, right-sized, yet extreme productive platform. The Small Flat Tape Layer with its simplified, but versatile tape headand integral vacuum lay-up table is well-suited for new users thatare making the transition from hand lay-up as well as for thoseusers that are already experienced in automatedlamination.

CHARGER Tape Layers are offered with a choice ofadvanced technologies needed for high production tape layingincluding:

  • Vacuum lay-uptables
  • Ultrasonic laminatecutting
  • Integral inkjet marking
  • Tapesteering
  • CM100 computercontrol
  • ACES off-linesoftware


Contour Tape Head

Engineered for easier set-up, operation and maintain ability, the new contour tape head contributes to the system’s highertotal throughput. The head allows faster, simpler side-loading oftape rolls system’s up to 300 mm (12 in) wide and 650 mm (25.6in) diameter. Common hardware permits lay-up of 75 mm (3 in), 150 mm (6 in) and 300 mm (12 in) wide tape with minimal change over time. The advanced head design optional features include: integrated ultrasonic laminate cutting, cutter depth-setting assistance, vacuum lay-up tables and dockable inkjet marking for maximumsystem flexibility andperformace.




 High & Low Rail Tape LayerSmall Flat Tape Layer
X-axis (Longitudinal)
Speed50.8 m/mi (2000 ipm)60.9 m/min (2400 ipm)
Travel6 m (20 ft) minimum4000 mm(157 in) min mum
Y-axis (Traverse)  
Speed50.8 m/mi (2000 ipm)60.9 m/min (2400ipm)
Travel - Standard2000 - 7000 mm (79 - 276 in)1435 mm (56.5in)
Wide3235 mm (127 in) 
Z-axis (Vertical)
Speed22.8 m/min (900 ipm)22.8 m/min (900 ipm)
Travel305-1219 mm (12 - 60 in)150 mm (5.9 in)
A-axis (Tilt)
Speed1600 dpmn/a
Travel - Standard±25° for 150 mm (6 in)n/a
Standard±20° for 300 mm (12 in)n/a
Optional±25° for 75 mm (3 in)n/a
C-axis (Head Rotation)
Speed9000 dpm15,000 dpm
D-axis (Cutter Rotation #1)  
Speed90,000 dpm90,000 dpm
Travel0° to +180°0° to +180°
V-axis (Cutter Traverse #1)
Speed38.1 m/min (1500 ipm)38.1 m/min (1500 ipm)
Travel362 mm (14.2 in)362 mm (14.2 in)
E-axis (Cutter Rotation #2)  
Speed90,000 dpm90,000 dpm
Travel0° to -180°0° to -180°
Q-axis (Cutter Traverse #2)
Speed38.1 m/min (1500 ipm)38.1 m/min (1500 ipm)
Travel362 mm (14.2 in)362 mm (14.2in)
U-axis (Tape Reel)  
Speed50.8 m/min (2000 ipm)60.9 m/min (2400 ipm)
Material Specifications - 650 mm diameter tape material
Standard300 mm (12 in)Standard   300 mm (12 in)
Standard150 mm   (6 in)Optional  150 mm   (6 in)
Optional75 mm   (3 in)75 mm   (3 in)


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