VIPER Fiber Placement

Cincinnati VIPER Fiber Placement System Automated Composites Processing תוצרת חברת Fives Cincinnat
Cincinnati VIPER Fiber Placement System Automated Composites Processing תוצרת חברת Fives Cincinnat

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CM100 Control

Cincinnati’s CM100 Control is the only control designed  specificallyfor automated composites processing. This powerful, yeteasy-to-usecontrol features an open-architecture design powered by thelatestindustrial processor technology and digital servo drives to deliverfast,smoothandaccuratemachinemotion.ItisaPC-basedwithWindows® operating system, CE Mark compliant and doesnot
require a front-endPC


ACES - Advanced Composites Environment Suite

ACES is our proprietary programming and simulation software toolfortape laying and fiberplacement.


  • Simulationcapabilitiestoprovepartdesignandexhaustmachinecapabilities
  • Sophisticated coverageanalysis
  • Compatible with CATIA V4 and V5, CATIA CWB/CD3 andFiberSIM
  • Provides a variety of path generationtypes
  • Multi-core processor support improves throughput x8


Get the VIPER Advantage

Fiber Placement Systems are designed for dexterity and flexibilityfor production of wrinkle-free lay-up of convex and concave parts.These highly productive machines are equipped with patented featuresto producesuperiorqualitywhiledramaticallyreducingscrap.


With 7 axes of motion, VIPER Fiber Placement Systems are particularly suited to high lycon toured structures. High count our, variable wall thickness, and cut-out sections are all produced to near net configurationwhich significantly reduces material waste (as low as 2%) in the initiallay-up and post-process machiningoperations

The Cincinnati VIPER Fiber Placement Systems automaticallyand independently control up to 32 individual tows or slit tapeproducing a variable bandwidth “on-the-fly”. Each tow can beindependently dispensed, clamped, cut and restarted during fiber placement. Gapsand overlapsareminimizedasthemachinepreciselylaysinteriororexterior contouredboundaries.

The VIPER’s advanced design delivers other key advantages toautomated production including maintaining constant angle on a complexsurface, In-process compaction of material and no limits to plyorientations



  • Carbon and GlassFibers
  • ThermosetEpoxies
  • BMI
  • DryFiber
  • Out-of-Autoclave



  • Part diameters up to 2 m (80in)
  • 12 tows: 3.2, 4.0, 6.4 mm (0.125,  0.157, 0.25in)



  • Part diameters up to 6 m (236in)
  • 24 or 32 tows; 3.2 or 6.4 mm (0.125 or 0.25in)



  • Part diameters up to 8 m (315in)
  • 32 tows; 3.2, 6.4 or 12.7 mm (0.125, 0.25 or 0.5in)


The Cut, Clamp, Restart(CCR)

TheCut, Clamp, Restart (CCR) doc kingsy stem can automatically exchange one CCR for another CCR that processes the same width material,thus allowing the service of the CCR to occur offline, while themachine continues in production. Benefits include: Improved productivityvia reduced out-of-cycle time, Head maintenance/repair is done off-lineand minimal interruption of part layup


Material Specifications
Width 3.175 mm (125 in),  6.35 mm (25 in),  12.7 mm (5 in)
Thickness Uncured152 to 254 mm (0.06 into 0.010 in) 
Core Inside Diameter74.67 to 82.55 mm ( 2.94 in to 3.25 in) or 150.87 to 158 mm (5.94 in to 6.25 in)
Core Length230 to 406 mm (9 to 16 in)
Diameter of Spool  (max)200 mm (10 in)
Weight of Spool  (max)5 lbs (11.34 kg)


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