FT/FTR (Floor Type) Series

Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mills - FT/FTR Series תוצרת Fives G&L
Floor Type Horizontal Boring Mills - FT/FTR Series תוצרת Fives G&L

מכונת כרסום הוריזונטאלית מסוג FT/FTR תוצרת Fives Griddings & Lewis

FT/FTR (Floor Type) Series horizontal boring mills

Fives offers two versions of Giddings & Lewis floor-type horizontal boring mill, the FT and FTR. The Giddings & Lewis FT is equipped with a standard boring mill live spindle. The Giddings & Lewis FTR adds a collinear rectangular ram for added reach and milling capabilities.


Advantages of floor-type horizontal boring mills

  • Substantial capacity with X axis travels to 16 meters or more and Y axis travels to 5 meters.
  • Modular design – select machine features and capabilities based on applications. Choose from five headstocks – two or four-speed, 130 to 180 mm spindle diameter.
  • Design maximizes stiffness with wide way spreads, reinforced columns and preloaded rack and pinion X-axis drive.
  • Fives’ exclusive Giddings & Lewis spindle growth compensation and dynamic ram displacement compensation produce precision machining conditions.
  • Change tools and attachments in both the standard live spindle and right angle heads from the tool magazine with an optional horizontal/vertical tool change arm. 




Machine specificationsFT 3500FT 3500FTR 5000
X-axis travel (m)4
Optional X-axis travel (m)6 to 16 m or more in 2 m increments
Y-axis travel (m)223
Optional Y-axis travel (m)2.6 / 3 / 3.62.5 / 3 / 3.5 / 43.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5
Ram cross section (mm) 400 x 500500 x 630
Optional Y-axis travel (mm)2600 / 31002600 / 3100 / 3600
W-axis ram travel (mm) 10001500
Feeds/rapid traverse (m/min)Up to 30Up to 20
FT 3500 SpindlesFour-speedFour-speedTwo-speed
Diameter (mm)130130155
Speed (rpm)400035003500
Power (kW)30 / 4530 / 4537 / 56
Torque (Nm)1108 / 16624210 / 61905080 / 7695
Z-axis travel (mm)80010001250
FTR SpindlesTwo-speedFour-speedFour-speed
Diameter (mm)130155180
Speed (rpm)400035002200
Power (kW)37 / 5637 / 5655 / 75
Torque (Nm)3100 / 46803100 / 46805080 / 7950
Z-Axis travel (mm)1000


Applications and operations

It takes large precision machine tools to produce parts for the world’s bulldozers, cranes, power generators, mining shovels, airplanes and oil rigs. Giddings & Lewis floor-type horizontal boring mills are providing the capacity and accuracy to handle the most demanding machining for manufacturers in these industries and more.

A job shop adds capabilities for large nuclear parts with a G&L floor-type boring mill. Read their application report to learn more.

  • The rigidity of Giddings & Lewis boring mills makes it possible to take heavy cuts. 
  • Programmable boring bars and contouring heads add machining versatility and reduce the number of tools needed by adding turning capabilities to live spindle HBMs and HMCs. The video demonstrates how these attachments handle a variety of part features.
  • Automated attachment changing optimizes production time.  Even large attachments may be automatically changed from racks.


Available options:

  • Attachment racks
  • Contouring heads and programmable boring bars
  • Right angle heads
  • High-pressure coolant through the spindle
  • Large capacity tool magazines
  • Tool and part probes
  • Controls – Siemens, Fanuc or Heidenhain 


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